by: Donny
November 15, 2021 10:30 AM

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Davon Smith

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Project Summary

For this project, I created a website, logo, Photo/Video-shoot and merch for the online shop.

Project Details

Pastor Smith was introduced to me from a mutual friend. His skillset is unrivaled as a Behavioral Therapist and a religious leader. The Young mogul is taking hampton roads by storm with the launch of his Overcomer ministry on Facebook that features live sermons, morning prayer, and a robust community message board for listeners to discuss the shows in real time via their social media account. 

About the Company

DRS Consultant Group, LLC is a professional association for therapeutic consultants and other referring professionals, dedicated to advancing the field of Therapeutic Consulting through collaboration, training, education, outcome-based research, support of ethical standards, and an ongoing review of best practices of behavioral health.

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