by: Donny
December 5, 2022 8:02 PM
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Dreamland Clothing was introduced to me by my Frat brother and Co-owner of Dreamland Hosea Otley

About the Company

DreamLand Clothing represents the concept that if you "Dream Big, and Work Hard" you can manifest and materialize your dreams! DreamLand Clothing is a brand that fosters the ideals of positive thinking, embracing each other's differences, and materializing your dream of personal success. We entreat all who believe in these notions to come, join us! Connect with us, as we connect with you; we all want the same things. DreamLand Clothing, live YOUR dream!

About the Project

The dreamland team came to me originally in need of a digital logo. Their influences were imagery from the island of St. Thomas Virgin Islands they wanted something that would resonate in today's urban fashion but also be reminiscent of island-ware.

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